So I saw yesterday the most amazing 50 minutes of T.V,show in a lonhg time.

I am talking about the show "Top Gear",and gentleman I mean business here,come on who paid attention and really believed that the Stig would come to tho show and speak to the boys and reveal is identity just like that ????

Seriously ??!!

Are we so eager to see one of the best  publicity stunts unravel before our eyes in such a simple manner ?

Did none of us at one point or another wished it was Michael Summacher as the "Stig ",be honest now.We did,we all did,the man is or maybe the correct term to use here is was the best skilled driver of formula one,at least in my books.

But the funny part was the surprised look in the  three faces,from James May,to Richard Hammond to the most adorable of them all,the presenter Jeremy Clarkson who conducted the interview to the so called stig.

By the way for those reading who happen not to live in Great Britain or even see the show,the stig is a driver for the show and he is quite the "Driver"...erm,erm...

But in all of it I think my question was and is "Why ?",and worst "Why ,now ?"...But I guess the three stooges will lets us know in a few weeks.Bless them...

Good to see Michael thought,that was really good.

On another subject of news there is the Iran elections and the aftermath of the results since the 12 of June.And how the people have since then come to the streets protesting against the results,death as ocurred since that date and there was/is a lot of blood sheed in the streets,journalists are been send home not to report the kind of violence portraited by the police in order to try and bring some order back to the country but in all; the only  thing I see is one desperate man trying to cling  himself to the power he once had.

How sad it is not to see his people are  willing to die in order for progress and democracy to start rulling.One man against a whole nation.

Block of sites in the internet in order to stop the world to see what is being done but the truth can`t be silenced for ever, it is time for change and it is coming at the cost of human lifes,once again.

Good luck to all of those who live in Iran and for those who believe in what they are fighthing for.

Winbledon has started and I am going to miss most of the games,for I am working an avarage of 50 hours per week,but all in all it is good,my life is a lot quieter this days,I have dismissed a lot of people from my life and so it become simpler, less rewarding perhaps or maybe,not only the future will tell.

From here Manchester to the worl this is me signing of...

Laughs out loud...



The End

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