Disapointing friends that are no longer that

Here is one hurt feeling where I am concern,thank you Maggie.

For the kind words and the fact that you measure the impact of what you where saying before you actually did!

Thank you once again for the capacity to look out for your best interests,I am well informed now,shall not mentioned ever again,which should be about enough time to let myself forget the words use to express such high emotions.

Not  wasn`t even what you  said but how you did.

There is a blackness where my heart used to pump where you were concern,the more I try the more you seem to push me away,I am done now,no more trying,in fact no more talking at all,this is it,and you will not even know because you never ask about what I do anymore,the importance of being me in your world is very low in your priorities,I see that now,thank you yet again.

But I shall keep your mum as a friend,I happen to love Beatrice independent of your existence,so if that becomes a problem I shall face it when it presents itself.

Life really knows how to throw you a curve ball sometimes does it not ?

Somehow I am not smiling,I remenber who much it hurt when it was done the same to me by my sisters,now by Maggie.

Will I never learn ??

Cries in silence,because to make a noice is to let the other person know you are hurting,and that is far too much.

Remenbrance of memories best forgoten,that surface when the ones you love deeply disapoint you.And the path I walk changes once again.

This site was a blessing in disguise because this was the year that Maggie started in university doing law at Hull,in the north of the country,and by fate or whatever I encounter this page on my facebook account,so yes it was a blessing in disguice to allow my sorrow of being alone again,away from my best friend and now it is here I cry my tears where no one sees.

No one hears.

I use to have 5 friends now I have 4.


Not bad,it could be much worst.

I could have no one.

The End

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