Micael and Lucas.


My father and grandfather.

Men that are or have been very important in my life.Men I love,men I used to  and still love,men I grew learning to love.

My base for reality and all that there exits.In so much that I am wouldn`t I be less content in myself if I hadn`t give birth to them or meet him or be their daugther/grandaughter ?


If there is a truth that I have come to accept with time is that loving someone means that at one point or another you will get hurt because of that love you feel,not necessarily because they mean to inflict harm in your live,otherwise they most likely wouldn`t be worthy of your affections.No.

The reason behind this disapointment can be explain if possible in one setence.

"Live exists and we try our best,the rest is just pure chance."

You may not trully accept that what you do in life can be attributed to chance or fate if you like,you may be the type to think that you are in control of everything that happens in your life.

On my part let me tell you "Good luck with that,mate."And I wink at the same time for good measure of sarcasm.

Not everything that happens in our live can be accounted for sheer strenght alone,most happens without our interference at all.

You may be at the end of the action itself but not the one who started it.

Cause and affect.Laws of fisic and somehow I am thinking philosophy,why is that ?

Why do us, humans have to find an answer for everything that occurs ?

Where is the wonder ? The magic ? The joy of asking yourself "how ?

But his subject started by five names.And it will end on three.




Two boys that will became men,one man that already is so much to me...

The End

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