Children of war

In everything that I do,I have to take in consideration that my sons need me to think first of them and for them.

So,this chapter is for every child that as no one to speak in their behalf.


 Yesterday I was at my sister`s house(by sister I mean-Maggie`s house),and we were watching a program about the feeding of children who have become orphans due to conflit areas in Angola.

There are several channels and by channels I am speaking of T.V ones who gathered through the years money as well as clothes,books and everything  a child needs in order to grow secure in love and affection,but there is one thing that they are yet able to provide.



A home,and eventually a future.

They stay in care and at the will of those who are willling to share with them part of their monthly income in order to raise them.

In one word they are being raised by all of us and no one.

Humanity that is the word I was looking for,because if there is an example of Humanity, the feeding program in areas where family have perish and been devoid of their parents,this is the best example.

I whish I had the money to sponsor every child who needs a family even if just through  a letter.

But I don`t have that kind of money.But I can pray that they accomplish everyday a little more for these children and I can talk about the good this program provides for these children.

That I can do and I can also write about it here.

And maybe one or more person will read this post and they will feel the curiosity to google  this  program in Africa and what it  stands for and how can they help.

That I can do.

For we all would benefit if these children grow in healthy surrondings.For sake of ours souls as well of our future generations.

It upset me to see hungry children,because I am a mother.

So,I had to write this.

Thank you for reading.

The End

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