Gordon Brown

It is with some sadness that as I write this page I may be saying goodbye to a former Prime minister.He has not done such a bad job that he needs to step down prior to his remaining two years in service of the country be of pass.

But because of who he is as a leader to his party(Labour),and everything that has happen since the row over expences has been exploited by the media to condemm and to show what MP`s in Britain have been doing with the tax payers money.

It is sad to seen intelligent man such as him to stand down for actions that he was not directly responsable for.

I think that if question we can give statements of what good has come to the country since he came to power in the last two years.

But saddly I think in the next two days we will see the last of him.

So good luck and all the best,Mr.Brown...

Well a little update for those who even care,today monday the eight of june 2009.

Gordon Brown party,Labour has elected 15.3% of his party to the Europeans seats,and worst of it all the BNP has seatted two MP in Europe.Well Mr.Brown I guess this is what I fear it would happen,but If God is on your side and the people of Britain have not got blind yet you will stay exackly where you should be,runnning this country.

On another subject I think it is time you bring new laws to pass,don`t you ?

And by the way,clean house....

Well another update on the suject of Gordon Brown.

As I write he is before his peers in the party maybe stating why he is the best man for the job,while still executing his job,that in front of all this MP`s that brought the party almost to his knees,lets face it seating only 13 people in Europe is not a victory as it is so very concerning about where we go from here in a political view !!

Very troubled indeed when we allow parties like BNP to havea say of how laws are voted and writen in Europe for and by Europe.

But that is another story altogether better left when the news arrive tomorrow and we will see if Gordon Brown is still our Prime minister.

I await and I see what has become of a country that once stood for something far more than it stands for today.

Great Britain indeed.

The End

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