The very reason why I don`t have a dog right now isn`t the lack of time it goes far deeper than that,you see to choose a dog is to like choosing a friend.But better because this one will always be there for you and love you no matter what.

Time I can work around,and the choice of an animal would be going to any animal shelter and just choose one,it would be so easy and at the same time my feet are firmly planted in the ground uncapable of moving.

Why ?

Well lets be realistic about this.

Most likely because I am afraid to give so much of me to anyone yet again.

And to counter all this  I love dogs,I really do I miss having one,but I now I won`t choose another one,unless it is for the boys.

But then I wouldn`t have to live with it would I ?

Animal have great capacity to give love.And that scares me.I don`t want to deal with that again,I have been alone in the world for so long it is hard to let go of past wrogs,quite hard indeed.

And then you log in here and you see Snowy.

And you know you letting go of something very special indeed.

The End

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