Life away from life

Well what to write today ?


There is nothing that really wants to come out today or any day these few last weeks,the stories that are posted here have a common ground of unreality that no longer captivates me.

Real life grasp me in Earth and real life decisions keep me from drawing scenes that have no ressemblance to my life or of anyone I know.

So,the pen is put aside and stories like this one is done,that in itself is not a story but instead my own thoughts and what comes out of that.

Letters to myself became more about what I am doing right now what I want in my life than anything else.And the fact I happen to see the way my thoughts are processed in writing is just fun to watch,or in this case read.

Life goes by so fast it is uncanny.

Well that is enough for today.

Lucas is at a special school and being slowly introduced to a normal school it may take a few years before he is ready to go to one full time but Micael as been doing so well that the fact that his younger brother isn`t there with him seems less concerning to us now.

It is good to finally see him chat like me.

I mean exackly what I just implied.Like me, a chatter box.

Lucas as finally fond is voice and boy thus he uses it!!!


They have come so far in so little time that whatever I accomplish here in wrting is nothing compared to what they go through every day at school.

I am so proud of you two.

My beloveds.


The End

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