Stand proud or if you are me,try to(only 5 foot one inch),sighs...

What is this world we have created here where all the necessary nonsense is put out in the most beautiful packet named as a story ?

Lol,seriously just read the last by one of our authors and it made me laugh in the sense it was suppose to but what about the rest ?

Or maybe there is no rest.

I miss encountering here the likes of one or other as my favourite authors but lets face it if any of us had that kind of talent would we be printing our stuff here ?

I think not,Sir or Madam.

But maybe I am naive.Maybe we do write here not because we care for creative writing but because or any other motives.

Maybe we have since logging in made friends and we return here yet again to meet these friends,or we return because some or all stories are yet to be completed.

Or I think my favourite because we have nothing better to do.

If your pretty mind is wondering the reason why I come here,well keep wondering because at most times is all of them and a few more added in...

Cass is so full of miscieve these days I have the most care with her sense of humour.

There are elections in europe these week,so fellow authors from Europe,please vote.

It is a civil right as well as a very needed necessity.

Politics make me laugh more than any comedy these days,is it because I became less open to what they have to say ?Or is it because there is so little truth in all the rubish they dish out ?

How hard can it be to represent the grater good ?

To have ideals ?

To stand for what is correct and should be available to every one of us ?

How hard is it to be real ?

I think very hard otherwise politicians would not be porttrait as corrupted men all the time,but then I think of the current man in power in America and I see the difference between what we have in Europe and what we should have.

Lucky America !

Whatever you do in life from the highest of jobs to a cleanning job,do it with pride and be fair to yourself because it takes a lot of courage to on a daily base be honest.And live an honest life.

So,raise high and stand proud you are someone worth of praise by me and all who know who you really are,it is not about who makes the most money or is more advance in a job,no.

In the end it is how you do it and how much satisfaction you take out of what you do .

Be happy where you are live for today instead off tomorrow,because lets face it the way we are living tomorrow may be just around the corner and then what ?

Just some food for thoughts.Bring the salt shacker and the spice one as well !Lol...

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite stories that I have started,it is funny (well it is to me),and it gives me something back.

A sense of achievement.

Well that is all for today,here anyway.

Cheers !

The End

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