Who Am I ?

Well I am above anything else,a storyteller not a writer.

I wave stories where Evil is defeated and cross stars lover are reunited and everything has a very good ending,because where I came from it is a privilege to be able to tell a story and describe a setting and make you caracters become real for those who listen.

So,if anything I like to see myself as a story teller,and in here I write mainly non-fiction stories.

So,the tell is my own....

My settings are either here: Great Britain or back home....

But in either of them it is what happens to those who become part of what I am about to tell that captivates me,let alone who reads me.

They are real or have been real in my live.

In many ways this is my most great accomplishment,where I can praise them and say:" Thank you".

And a way to keep them near me.

One most of all.The one I love,Israel.

Here is a man I love without questioning,without asking myself why ?

The only one I see myself loving until I die.

Part of this is for him,the Cass part,the name of our little girl,that never was.

Cassandra is ours in all she does,the good,the bad and the very horrible.

Well,the question remains,because that is what I do here...

But Who Am I ?

I am me.I am a mother to my sons.I am the person who is still very much in love with Israel.I am a constant reader.I am a lot of things and still trying to find out who I am.

But I think I am most of all I am  my father`s daugther and also my mother`s heart,and by mother I mean Sharon Flood.

That is who I am,well part of what I know at least.

The rest I shall discover as I go along.

The End

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