Activities of a demented soul

She is a criminal,either by choice or by mistake one of the people i know is a criminal.

To pass stolen goods to me of all peole !!

What did she thought I would do ?

Not reported to the police ?

Seriously ?Me ?

I have to think only one thing.She wanted to get arrested,but I guess I still care for you,because I didn`t give them your name.

I gave my adress and my name as I returned what you may or not have stolen.

And again I ask of you.Why ?

Do you have so little respect for me that you would do that ?

Or do you know me so little ?

In either case you aren`t a friend.But when I see you again,we will talk about this and your actions and what it cost me.

I have very little illusions where humans are concern,but I do not like to be taken for granted and what if I had not doen the right thing    ?

That you put me in that position in the first place to begin with is not fair on both of us.

The only thing you have done with this is make me talk to you one last time and after that,no more.

I gave you enough chances in the past to be responsable for your own behaviour,but this is the final straw.

I am not willing to even call you,but instead I shall wait and see what  you do next.

Knowing you,it will not be good...


The End

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