Soul mates

Where  we born to love each other ?

If the answer to my question Israel is yes,then shouldn`t we have chosen diferently prior to having changed the courses of both our lifes ?

I know we do.I also know that in this reality and lifetime there is very little time left for both of us.We have made our choice and we have stood both by it.The love we felt as survived in so many levels it is quite insteresting to relate them to you now by writing.

My sons names are the one we once talked about:



You see my darling,we may have said goodbye but life itself redirects the path that we have taken and as much as we part ways we never really left each other.

Love itself can be denied.

So,Israel these are my sons.I wish you could have been part of their live,but it wasn`t meant to be.

I never had a daughter,instead I chose not to have any more children,but our name for a girl persistes here in writing.

Cassandra lives,Israel in a pen name and she his part yours part me.And she is beautiful as their parents.

Where we born to love each other ?

You can answer you part.

I repply like this.

I have never loved anyone else has I love you.

Attraction yes,lust of course.Sex is part of my life,but love ?

That is seldom for you and you alone.

I miss talking to you,to share the most common of my adventures,to celebrate my achievments and most of all, to see you.

To rest my eyes on your face.

To speak to you about anything and everything,to rest my existence in you.To be home in the surrounding presence,to sleep beside you.

I miss us.

When i die,apart from the boys the face I want to see the most after my father and grandfather and grandmother is only  one.


Can we spend eternity together ?Since our live in Earth took a diferent path that we wanted ?

Is eternity enough time ?

Israel ?

Did we make a mistake ?

The End

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