Do I believe in God ?

Do I believe in God ?

The words are here before my eyes and the question keeps screaming at me in the screen,but in itself is an easy answer.

Yes,I do.

And as well in itself is far from being black or white.

I was again today watching this program on BBC1,and as each Sunday I sit before the settee and I spend the most interesting 60 minutes of the beginning of my week.

One of the questions at hand this week was the recent news about the play that R.C church had in the events of the abuse suffered by children at the hands of the priests in Irland and other countries.

Abuse that  goes from the mere fisical to the extreme being sexual abuse.And my question here isn`t misguidaded by my own experiences with this subject.

No,my question here is only this.

Do I believe in God ?

You may ask yourselfs the relevance of this question face with the subject being discussed on the program,but in all reality  my personal question comes from what is the fundation of your believes ?

Or better yet my owns.

You see,if and I say if I was to explain the roots of my faith I would have to search deep within me,because I was raised in a family who is R.C,but later on in life I became a Christian.

But that is just religion.

You may frown your eyebrow at the last sentence all you want,but  the reason behind why I  do the right thing at all times or at least try my best  in my life thus not come from a deep faith,but from....

Welll let me see, because it is who I am.

That God is importand in what I do and how I adress my life is beyond a doubt,but thus goodness come prior or after my believe in Him ?

Let me say it this way I believe in Humanity.That we all are capable of high actions that define us as one and as a community.

So,the answer to my question turns out to be very simple.

I believe in Humanity and therefor I believe in God.

Not one first and the other second or vice versa.


I believe in both equally.

On the other subject that was being talked on the show,lets just say that the victims of the abuse deserve a sincere :"I am sorry for my actions.",by all that where involved in the matter throughout the years.

Perpertradors as well of those who put them in the position of power in the first place.That is my personal point in the matter.

Sad to see human beings praying on each other,especially grown people abuse the ones they are responsable for...

The End

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