Double standards ?

Here is a thought to myself.


Is it implied in the human condition that by becoming an adult we therefor become responsable ?

Or as the years go by and with maturity and the very diferents aspects of your own life,you become responsable because not being one is really not a viable option ?

If given the choice would we alll prefer to be irresponsable ????

As I pay my monthly bills and my alimony,I see what I have become and I also read the reports on expenses in the newspapers and obviously I hear the news broadcast,but in everything that I do hear,one word is missing.


Have we grow so used to having so much at our disposal that with it we have denied the fact that by being in charge we have responsabilities and therefor are accountable for our actions ?

In which case we look at the case at hand and by case at hand I am refearing to the MP`s allowances.There is a very sad truth to be learned from all this mess.

When you allow the people you have elected to become less than clear of what they stand up for,it is time to call them on it.

Ideals can not be a commodity but instead stand up to its true value.




I am aware we are talking human standards but it is because it regards all of us and the way we look up to our leaders to guide us and show the way to be,that it becomes so vital.

Just something it has been in the back of my mind for quite some time.

Oh,I also think we should have ellections now,instead of next year.

Just to finish on a high note.Cheers!

The End

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