Politics or not

You can reason with alot of things that happen on a daily basis that affect you in direct   way or not in a direct way.Put at some point you will have to stop and re-acess and decide if what just occured is something you are willing to live with or have your saying in the matter.

There are several issues in our corrent political ife I am unhappy about,here in England as well back home or even in Europe.

But if I want to be more into the topics that really anoy me I would have to change this feature to mature because the language there by used would contain profanity.

I am sorry but when something really ...... me off I swear.I don`t normally use foul language in my daily activities,maybe in some scenes of mature nature when crude sex is involved but in daily life not writing,no. I was raised better than that.

And since the English/Portuguese has enough words to be off use,there is really no reason to use swear words.

Unless the ocasion requires it,and these days politics seem to me more and more of a requirement of very foul language!!!

But lets not go down that road.

The End

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