Inconvenient questions about freedom of speech

I have a new addiction.

Every Sunday at precisely 10 o`clock i sit in front of the tv screen and I watch the program on channel one for the BBC1,"The Big Questions".

And as per usual I get so into the program I see myself interacting with the question at hand,but today it was diferent.

Because today one of the questions at hand was "Is Israel a racist country or just a state misunderstood ?".

I have an answer for that,but as i saw how the conversation progressed in the program.I just listenned and mainly cried.

Trust me i don`t cry that often,it needs to be very shocking to make me share tears or in anyway speak to me in a more personal matter.

But to hear the things said about a country of people who have been prosecuted for so long and almost exterminated in the second world war,its sad.

Very sad.

So,today the program made me think about forgiveness and understatement and forgetting.

But it left to many questions unanswered.If you are eager to know what I think about are they or not,let me tell you this much.

Any country that says to the people who where living in the land they now occupy as a sovereign state,that they are not welcome and dictates to them where they can live or who they can bring in when they marry or who they marry,it is very very bad.

They are slowly becoming like the ones who wanted to exterminate them and today they have the weapons to do so.

I am very sadden to say.

Israel is a racist state in my eyes.

Today and as long as they act as they are doing.

The End

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