Chadderton Library close day


Today on the 16  of  May this library is closing.

Today i say farwell to  place that has provided with so much comfort and time for me to sit and write my stories,to develope new plots and to reunite friends.

Today it only seems fitting that i say goodbye to a dear friend,this place but not the people who are the soul of this building.

The names are :




They became friends,not people who issue my books or provide with a nice word of wisdom and some net time.They are already missed and the doors have not closed yet.

But they will for one last time at 1 o`clock this afternnon,the Chadderton library will cease to exist.

No more tottlers groups,no more singing  on fridays mornings,no more talks into the afternoon.

No more Chris saying "This  Portugese women,you know..."

No more books...

What a waste,to tear a building that provides so much for their community in order to built houses no-one needs.

Money thus speak higher than the will of men,or the appeals we have writen to the council or the interviews given to the local papers.

We saddly close the doors today,but this place,its soul goes in three parts  to three diferent libraries.

Three routes to one heart.

I guess I shall have to travel a bit furder then,because home is were you heart is,and this one was one of my favourities if not the one.

Again I can`t express what a waste...

The End

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