Carla`s Birthday-15/05/09

Pages of randoms words writen in a daily post here or  in any site that have no connection to who I am in real life.

Part of the woman that resides inside feels free to raise above who she is and freely fly in adventures or any other stories,by herself or others added.

But today isn`t about writing about what  almost kept me from writing here today.

Today is my birthday.No-one will read this or wish me happy birthday or even call me by my name.And it was with some courage,that I have sat down today and reached for the mouse and actually logged in.

Because you see to actually come in here and see that not one of you knows it is my birthday and  just say  an alo.It hurst.

And i have had too much hurt in my life to deal with any  more.

But I haven`t released my date of birth,so it will not show in the part where who is celebrating birthdays today is.

By the way"Happy birthday ",to those who do,today.

But I have only myself to blame if that is the case.I stay away from poetry or rhymes or any kind of structure that says nothing to me.And it takes great effor from me to add to others stories these days.

I am pretty close to have my account erased I can fell it.

Or maybe i simply stop logging in.

But there is one person I need to adress today and wish her "Happy birthday "

This is for you:

To Carla Freitas           From Herself.

You matter.You are important and at least you remenbered .

So,"Happy Birthday",and smile at least once today.


The End

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