Debating about how to go about my personal life and all the advice i recive from the ones that are part of my inner circle.

I will achieve something by the end of this year.The capacity to run my own store,not own by me but for my direct boss.

And has it happens I see the woman who welcomed me to this new firm maybe on the breach of living somewehere else.Sad times,good times.Life as yet again changed for me in a good way.

I saw my form boss yesterday and as i told him about how I have become more and more involve in the dealings of this new company i had the surreal experience of seeing him ask me if my boss company has a contract for his own.

And i stop and look at this man I never liked or respect and see the tables turn and wonder what else has the future install for both of us ?

To all of  you here is a piece of information that is personal.

I want to fall in love.

I think I have less change to make this happen than the rest of my professional life.

Today was my day to sit in front of the small screen and watch the program "Big Questions",in BBC 1.

I have mentioned before but is never enough in their behalf to praise their brilliant debate program.

There three question but the one that really made me want to share here is this one "Should we all be ina common DNA data base ?",and has i heard all the comments pro and against.

I say.Yes,we should.Because no matter what your personal believes are if your DNa is on a data base it is still protect from a legal point of view and it can `t be use unless you commit a crime they can link you to it.

But the idea behind is to help provide with more forensic evidence that will solve crimes not to invade the privacy of people.

And no matter what you really think of it,let me just tell you this if you had a relative of yours that has suffered a violent crime you would think the same.

But that was just what I did this morning.And now here I am writing.Freedom of speach.To think and express what you trully believe without thinking that there is someone out there sensoring you.

Well obviously there is or I wouldn`t have  been flagged twice but that is the beauty of living in a society that has the right to express himself and obviously pay the price for their opinions.








If I ever change my views on what to eventually learn at uni,I would pick Sociology instead.I find the path we have lead so far as a race fascinating...

The End

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