Sleep eludes me

Life and all  its small misteries will always make me smile.

Here I am today of all days still breathing when five years ago I had writen myself from the existence of this world.

How time and circumstances make you see things from a different perspective.Well we grow our experiences will obviously mature with age and life experince.

But it thus not necessarily imply  that with knowledge comes wisdom or acceptance for things we aren`t able to change.

That are beyond our control and in some ways,shouldn`t it  be so ?

For too much power given to one human being is never a smart course of action,if History as teached us anything let it be that.

But as I sit before you today after reading the story of Richard Hammon  and how he and his family has and still is coming to terms with his accident, I see the full potential to human spirit and Love.

The book title for those interested in reading his true story is "On the edge",and it relates all that transpire during and after his accident by his words and of his wife,Mindy.

Anyway,last night was a very short night where yet again sleep eludes me,but i can`t complain because I feel great.

I finally added to Febin story and thought it wasn`t the way I was thinking about introducing myself to his story he had already taken the plot further so adapting to his follow up was required and I became another female by the name Belle.

I see myself going into outerspace fighting the Kestinos with Moon and Febin and maybe a dog named Lyka.

Well it could be worse...

It is the 9 of May and in less than 6 days life will once again change...

The End

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