Web search and is it safe ?

I am listening to the conversation of two twelve years old as they travel trought the internet,and i have to say the sassiness of this girls is beyond their years.

Was I like that when I was twelve ?

I think this is a generation thing.You know what I am on about ?

Like we normaly have a generation that barely pays attention to any technology that the world provides but the next  kids  talk in a ciber language by the time they are 6 ?

You know what I am revering to for sure.

If you have kids at home or any nephews or nices or just friends with small children you have been exposed to this effect by now.

It is like going abroad on holiday and everyone speaks they own language and you feel like asking isn`t English an universal language ?

Well actually maths are more universal than any other even chinese,because computers speak in numbers and we all use computers in our daily lifes.

What was my point again?

Oh,yes the kids.And what they where researching in the internet.

Do you agree that under 12 should use the web unsupervised ?

I am somehow thorn in two directions,my sons use the computer put acess to the web is block except for the sites we have in advance select for them that will be updated as they grow.

So,my doubt is do you not think that a child of 12 needs guidance from its parents on what they are seing on the web ?

It is quite dangerous out there.Every  day more so.

Anyway,my day at work as come to an end and i have a few hours before setting before the small screen and watch  "Doug ",again.

Say goodbye to some old friends.

See you all tomorrow then,go out and enjoy the sun.

Manchester is really sunny today by the way.

The End

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