Another day and the sun is out in Manchester

"I am like this,the night present at the end of every day without being noticed."

That is the very firs words in the song of Lucia Moniz"Sou como a noite",translantion to all that don`t speak portuguese "I am like the night".

Slow start this morning.

I finally slept for 6 hours without waking up.

What has just happen ?

I guess i know.But i won`t share,but there is a smile where concern used to exist,there is light in my eyes where before only darkness made its way.

I am dellegating more and more and my personal is becoming more free,soon enough i will become unnecessary in certain peoples life.

We will see.Or better said.I will see.

I was told well not really told,the word here is advice to get a pet.Maybe a dog.

No.I love dogs or any kind of animals but i have no time in my life for taking care of one or even consider having one.Besides i lived all my childhood with dogs,cats,pigeons,a pig,rabits and a parrot,so believe it will last for a life time.

I can use the silence present in the house in more constructive ways than  the barking of a dog wanting to be walked.By i do miss the smell they carry or how their world comes to life when we walk trough the door.

This is a letter to myself in the beginning of the 7 of May.

You have less than eight days to decide what are you doing.Let me now more here,where i can escape my own sensor.

My smile is naughty and i can`t stop to think that I am almost myself once again.

I forgot to mention,Micael report has been present to us,high marks on all his subjects at shcool.Well done beloved.

Lucas ilness is progressing in the way espected and the doctors should tell us soon enough,by the end of the week surely if he requires surgery or not on his leg.

But that is my son,always in trouble in a good way of course.

Tonight in Britain screens the final episodes for E.R.For me that is one of the T.V series i always followed,so tonight i say goodbye to a good friend.

Must remenber to buy sweets or anything with sugar on it,and maybe icecream.And tissues..


The End

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