Words and are they listen if no one is out there ?

Words that have no other meaning apart being part of a setence in a story as part of any plot in order to make me or any writer a publish one.

They carry no meaning if void of what ?

Fealing ?

I have a book by Nora Roberts with me,the title is "Birthright",part of my daily reading.

One my favourite authors,but i have to admit i prefer to read her as J.D.Robb.

She build this love story around two people and from there the story formed itself.

Eve Dallas and Rourke.

Love.Murder and life.

No surprising even Sthephen King praises her.

I have another favourite author.Richard Bach as the composer but in this case he flies airplanes and in the spare time he writes these books who speak so higly of becoming or being human and the reason why resides in his wife,Lesley Bach.

My  silence in life is always surronded in words by them and others,its rich in flavours i couldn`t describe myself but with them i can easily taste or colours so intense i need their paints to make it real.

I have several books within reach in my bedroom,but i always pick the novels first.

I am not a romantic person,but life as shown me that only in writing i see real love.

I see true friendship,but fortunely for me i have that in real life.

But love elludes me.

It is something i can`t grasp or even think of I want to.

It is the forbitten Grail i seek not to drink from or a pot of gold i never lay my eyes on its rainbow.

It is unreal to me.

I believe in God,but not love.

How surreal is that ?

The End

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