Another bump in the road of life...

Nothing connects to me these days.The weather is just another side of how sad i am.

And it keeps on rainning.I feel so out of reality that sometimes i stop in the middle of what i am doing and try to understand if i am awake or still in a sleep fase.

Surely life can be this bad ?

Sometimes i get to see the other side of life,where strange things happen.Where two people who don`t talk to each other are willing to help someone in distress just by being themselfs and rasing above the circunstances and doing the right thing.

Yesterday i was one of those persons,Riaz was the other.

I happen to call him "Grumpy Dog",on account of his "cheerful personality".But the case is that a woman presented herself before us and she was in need of help,she wasn`t going to be paid until the next day and by the time she reach us is was 6 in the afternoon,here in manchester.She had been driving for a few hours trying to get home before she finish whatever fuel she still had.

She came to me after speaking to Riaz and she asked if i could help,she stated what had happen to her and if i could provided with something for her to eat.

I did,it wasn`t even something i had to think or even reason with myself.The fact that surprised me was after she had gone back to the car ,she parked out of the way so others cars could come in and out without the ocurrence of any accidents.Was that she felt she had to provide with some form of payment for her meal.

So she brought me a bracelet,her own i think and i accepted not as a form of payment but because when someone is trying to say thank you for anything you have done in their behalf when you didn`t have to.It is very rude to offend them by rejecting their offering.

The gesture was so kind it brought tears to my eyes I look at Riaz,and maybe i passed some form of judgment in my eyes,but the fact is when she came back again to ask if she could use the bathroom he talked to her and from there she went to move her car in order to fill it up.

A man who refuses to say alo to any one or even smile help another person without any reason.It would come out of his paycheck.

And just like that he became Riaz to me,no longer more "Grumpy Dog".

I guess sometimes God thus show me there are people who will surprise you.

By being themselfs,their true selfs.

The End

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