Adele, the singer



Passionate about subjects that involve human beings and their little problems, daily ones like rent and sex or bigger ones like who takes the garbage out. Indeed I am a proble solver, no sarcasm there either.

There is a route that I need to follow in order to complete my degree in three years time, one leads to minimize my hours at work and delegate more, I am seriously considering this path, the others one leads to a meeting with a job adviser and start looking for a new job for the duration of the course. It may be in the longer run the better decision.

But on a better tone of writting I have confirmed tickets to go on the 26 of this month to Madeira Island and see my boys for a week ! A whole week, I am a lucky girl indeed.

The tittle is only there because I trully love hearing Adele " set fire to the rain".



The End

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