University degree

From an early age I always had a dream, this dream lead me to countless days of studying for a goal that sadly never came to be.The dream was to study in university a degree that would allow me to do counselling, no matter what counselling I would do or which age group it would be direct at, I just wanted to be of some help for people who needed help.

Today that dream is no longer a dream, because from the first of October I will be studying with open university towards a degree in counselling.Three years and counting.

Dreams are a powerful thing they remove you from places you where once familiar with, take you to other that have foreigners and new languages, new traditions and colour schemes, and they take you if you are lucky enough to where you where meant to be.

My dream took me from a small island in the Atlantic to here, Great Britain, Manchester.Dreams are indeed a great thing, they make me for the first time in 16 years realised that I at one point in my life dared to do more than just be able than wake up and go to work to pay bills, at one point I use to aspire to be someone who could help others.

Today I allow that dream to live again.

              Carla Freitas aka Cassandra

The End

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