What is diferent this year, so far.

New year brought several changes into my life or would it be more accured to say that I have changed a view things here and there ?

I am uncapable to see through an entire chapter here.My inspiration to write is no longer here.

My sons are surprising me every day with their ability to cope and  more,to actually excell.My eldest who was such a quiet boy, and now is now such a chatter mouth,who would recognize the little shell that was that autistic boy eight years ago,and Lucas,this one ,my second child is maybe my most feverent miracle.From a child that would sit alone in the corner of his pre-nursery classe to at the age of seven,this year be able to cope every day more with a normal education and leave behind his special need classes,where in fact his need to interact with other children has made him less of a recluse.

Indeed,my sons are my most accomplishment this year or any other.

They prove me,that no matter what there is always another day,another tomorrow,and this can always improve,but of  course we still have bad days with them both,but they are so far in between that I can barely remenber them.

I have not changed anything where they are concerned.They have where I am,they now can speak back to me and talk normally,asking questions.

I can talk with my children.Now that is a miracle,to see the individual in them.


The End

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