A question of hatred...

Why do we get so concern about something so common as a rate ?

Will it improve in anyway how you write ?

If a feedback on your writing skills isn`t accurate in all that is good as well of what is bad about the piece submited,is then the feedback worth taking into account ?

Of course it isn`t! Be serious,all of you for a minute.

Every single person who can accually write anything worth of reading doesn`t bother with a rating to give or the end receiving,they are here for the love towards the writing word and also to improve their wrtting skills.

So,I have yet to answer.

Why all this fuss ?

I am intrigued and slightly puzzled by whom may be affected by such rating.And how they acctually behaved after the low rating received.

I spend 60 hours on a weekly basis at work this last 2 months and I am in the process of being reunited with my sons back in Great Britain ,but still this site brings me here to write when the need to creat arises,such petiness is better when founded amongst young children,and not here,ok.

I also need a vacation,just thought of putting that out there.


The End

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