To my fellow teenager...

To my fellow teenager,

I must ask of you a special request. Or at least hear me out for what I have to say if you are reading this.  I have a question for you : what kind of a relationship do you have with your parents?

My brother always told me : more than anyone in this world, the two people who will love you most are mum and dad. If you’re open with them the way you’d be open to a best-friend, your relationship will escalate to a whole new level.

And it’s true.

God provided me with two amazing parents: they are just…so great. Everything they do is for me and my brother. But I’ve never been open with them or honest. They didn’t have a clue, well not until early this morning.

I opened up to my dad. It started out with a simple “truth” game. But then it led to something much deeper. I told my dad about my identity issues, my struggle for perfection, my search to find someone who understands me (and having found them; not being able to really be with them). I spilled out my heart. And he listened. He understood.

At one point, I asked him “have I ever displeased you? Have I ever made you resent me because I did something wrong?”

And he just smiled and shook his head “There is one thing you need to understand,” he said. “Expectations and wishes. I do not hold any expectations of you, like I expect you to pass your exams. But I do wish that you pass your exams. Even if you failed, I would not be disappointed. Because I never expected you to. I only wished so.”

And that was just one deep thing he said. We didn’t only talk about me. We talked about him too. About how he’d grown up in an orphanage, struggled for education and a good life. How since his family didn’t love him, he searched for love from others and met my mother.

It all made me realize something.

My parents will probably be my best of friends if I am open with them. Because…they have already crossed these stages of life. They will advise me well, and for my own good.

I felt so…so relieved after talking to my dad. I fell asleep in his harms and you know what? It’s the best place to be.

So you should try it. Talk to your parents. Open up to them. I did it with my dad and June 22ndis a day I’ll never forget.

Trust me.


The End

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