To my fellow "migrators"...

To those “migrators” out there,

I have a question to ask you. Have you ever grown just completely SICK of moving? Of having to transfer schools over and over andoveragain?

Because I have.

But then now: I actually feel SICK of the idea of settling down. Because it means I won’t get another chance to go away if I end up hating the place where I’m at. But I’m not really settling down am I?

If you think about it – I’m just doing my last two years of school here before moving again for the fifth time to university.

And that means there’s no point getting emotionally attached is there?

So you see – I have a plan to make my 4th life easier.

And I think it just might work.

After all, if something ain’t growing the way you want it to : you cut it off at the root.


The End

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