My Mooey-Pie Dearest...

My Mooey-Pie Dearest,

I thought of you today. It was actually kind of funny but yet again – I’m easy to please. I laugh at almost any joke so whether or not you find this amusing is your call.

So I arrived in my hometown on June 17th and woke up today morning. You were the first person I thought of. Why?

Well, the weather was quite hot and humid when I woke up and I thought, “I wonder if this is how it is “down under”?” And then with perfect timing, I heard a cow go “Mooo!”

Freezing for a second, I just looked over the irony of it.

“Down under” and “moo”.

Then I laughed. Threw my head back and laughed. It struck me as really funny and I was seriously laughing in a way I hadn’t for a long time.

I thought of my Mooey-Pie then and there and oh – how much I missed you.



The End

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