To my fellow shawty...

To my fellow shawty,

You know how it feels like right? To build up a mask, form these walls to barricade yourself against these emotions you don’t want to feel – and then have it all just break down in front of you?

Just feeling yourself get torn apart piece by piece, strip by strip till you feel every little emotion you’d been trying to block out just well over you.

Catastrophic…and a complete mess.

That’s what happened a few days ago. I just…lost it.

Guilt, rage, hatred…it all came tumbling down on me and left me having to choke over tears while flying mid-air over the dull city I’d just left.

I felt completely broken and vulnerable.

And I hate to feel that way because I have to be strong – you know?

I think you know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you do.

You have to…right?


The End

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