You were my best friend. Until... October, maybe. Then I realized something: You're boring. I'm so sorry. I did love you. Our love was real. I didn't want to date you because of the distance and I thought I would fuck everything up if we dated then broke up. I'm sorry. You were my best friend. Then you bored me. We never talked. I fell out of love. I realized again that I had no best friend, that I was alone. But I did get mad on December 17th. You texted me. It pissed me off. What did you say? "I cried when they showed Noah's picture." Noah. That fucker. He's just a stupid boy, you said you loved me. He only left your goddamn school, he didn't fucking die. Why were you crying? Oh yeah, because you told him you loved him and he said it back. You didn't have to fucking tell me that. You could have fucked him and you wouldn't need to tell me. Please, it's not helping you. Don't make anyone else jealous. I'm, well, not around anymore. But I did love you for a long time. And I thought for sure that we would date when I got out of high school. But jealousy does not help us; it didn't.

The End

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