Mom and DadMature

I love you guys. I mean, yeah. Sometimes I hate you though. You piss me off so much. But then I love you. But then I want to kill myself because you are actually my parents. Anyway, there's so much you didn't know about me. So much. I don't even know where to start. You'll find a lot of it in my letter to everyone. But anyway, I asked for this. I prayed for it, I did. I wanted to take someone's cancer out of their body and put it in mine. Become terminal. I really didn't want to live. You could have done nothing to change that, so don't be sad. You will be with me soon enough. Please don't do anything dangerous. I mean, you should know better. This was my choice; this was the work of God. He helped me. I asked Him for this and he gave it to me. It saved someone much better than I could ever be. I know I had all those stupid plans to be a psychologist and shit, but that all ended December 2010. That's when I realized that there was something different planned for me. I realized that He had something bigger for me to fulfill. And I gladly obliged. I love you. I love my God. I love you, mom and dad. Don't be sad. I died because I wanted to.

The End

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