Letter no 15: I'm not angry, I laughed.Mature

Dearest David.

You are an a-hole. The biggest one in the world right now actually! I should want to rip your face off like so many of my friends do but instead I swear I had to laugh.

Why you ask?! Well you should know why!

In all the time that you knew me what did I despise the most? That's right. Being LIED to.


It seemed a bit strange that you would go down to visit your sister and then suddenly come back up and want to break up with me. Oh and then there was the fact that there was a girl CONSTANTLY talking to you and liking all your statuses on facebook and stuff.

I mean COME ON. It doens't take a genius to figure it out. Especially since she lives near your sister.

So I remember, I asked you indirectly, gave  you a chance to tell me for yourself what the real reason that you broke up with me was. But you were so sincere, you looked so honest I actually believed you. And that is why I felt so awful. I see it now.

I didn't know why you broke up with me. I had your half assed excuses but I knew that there was something more. I was convinced I had done something terribly wrong. I wondered why, when you had told me that you loved me, that you decided to take my heart out and trample it into the ground and remain so calm and emotionless about it. I figured that you'd been thinking about it for a while because you were so calm about it.

Now I can see that you're just incapable of emotion.

Man whore.

Ugh..I have one big regret right now, want to know what it is?

Not laughing in your face!

I really should have. You would have deserved it so much more then my tears.

If I see you on the street I swear I will have to laugh at you. And letting me find out via FACEBOOK??? I mean COME ON. If I hadn't already pretty much known it you would be a dead man right now.

"No Alli I swear I'm not breaking up with you because of what you're thinking. There's nothing going on. That's not the reason."

Oh and less then two months later you're IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HER FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!

I would love to hurt you right now, just because you lied.

It's fine though. I don't need you anymore and now she's stuck with you, if you lied to me, you'll lie to her won't you? Yeah I thought so...

Ha! Love you? Yes I did.

But not the you that you are now. I loved the old you and I always will. I loved the you that didn't look me in the eye and blatantly lie to me.

It's cool though. Next time you see me I hope you realise what you lost. And no, I'm not talking about me as a girlfriend. Because we could have been friends, and I know I'm a good friend, we could have been really good friends even through all this. IF ONLY YOU HADN'T LIED TO ME!!

God that's the only thing that makes me angry. I totally would love to just heap all of your things into a bin and set fire to them, film it, and put it on facebook and tag you in it.

You arrogant foolish boy.

But no, I'm going to give you back your things after exams. I've got them all packed up nicely for you. I'm going to give them to you.

It's a pity you're such an a-hole... Like I said before Dave, we could have been friends. But it's too late for that now.

Take care of yourself dear!





The End

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