7th May, Friday

I wonder what you would think if you were at the election, Grandad. They're very indecisive. It's all complicated and no one really knows what's going to happen. They're talking about a hung parliament but there are all these problems and so it's all very unclear. Thus, we have no government. 

Oh dear.

I wonder, who would you have voted for? We never talked about politics. There were so many other things to say and it didn't really interest me. I'm far too young for all that. And yet next time there's a general election I can vote. I've just realised that. I'll be eighteen; I'll be able to vote.

There were awful queues, Grandad. People were waiting for hours and they didn't get in. It's awful.

I'll tell you about Maths because it's your special subject. In Maths today we were learning this new type of equation. I should tell you, Grandad, that I sit next to a girl called Annie who is amazing at Maths. Do you remember when I told you about her? I wanted you to meet her. Of course, it's too late now.

The thing about Annie is that she's very fast. You give her an equation and she solves it like that. Just done. I often feel very insignificant. But today I solved it faster than her--I was working through question 4 when she was starting question 2. You would have been proud of me, Grandad. I was doing it for you.

That's all I wanted to say about today. Just thought you might like to know that I'm getting better at Maths. I got 72% in my test which is the best I've got in the last eighteen months or so. I failed one of the tests, you know, but I didn't tell you that. Anyway, I had an excuse. And when I did the retest--which didn't count, but I felt better afterwards--I got 96%. Which just shows it wasn't my inability to do Maths, it was how I was feeling.

Anyway, that's everything. I hope you caught that. I'm talking rather fast but you're not as hard of hearing as Grandma, are you? And you can always peruse it at your leisure later. I hope you're proud of me, Grandad.

After all, I did write a book for you. :)

The End

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