Letter of Apology

Dear People of my Knowledge,


I start this off by apologizing to everyone I have wronged; on all accounts and all terms. I now see that I am straying from the path less traveled and onto the average mans’ trail. I present you now with my letter requesting for your forgiveness. I pray thee shall not take my words lightly.


      To my parents whom have raised and cared for me; I am so sorry that I am never home anymore. These are tough times nowadays and to find a job, much less hold a position in one, is a very difficult task in which I have been blessed. But now I see that I no longer know my own family anymore, my siblings grow up quicker than I can return home, and I know nothing of family affairs. I truly desire to be the young careless boy I once was, the kind of boy who was constantly home with his family. But I must learn to live on my own, so why not start now?

      Unto my fellow school mates I send this letter, asking for you to realize that it’s not your doing that I am so distant. The burdens of life have been fighting to weigh me down as I struggle to resist. Now is the time when I call upon you the most, I need a friend… a series of friends who are willing to put up with me even during my hardest times. Will you accept my apology and be there when I need you?


       Now to my love I present my heart in sorrow, I was blind to the damage I’m causing you due to my constant stress. I should have known…
I have done everything in my power to retrieve you from the dark hole in which I left you. But I can no longer see if I have even come close to doing so, the sun has died, leaving us in a dark cold world. I merely wish for you to stay…but if you desire to leave I shall understand.


      My final destination falls onto the being that has set me on the proper path. You have slapped me in the face, causing me to realize the downfall of myself. Even though it hurt me to see you so angry with me, I know it was for the better. I don’t know what path I would be on without you, so…I thank you for that, from the very depths of my heart.


      Four locations I send this letter, in hopes that you will find it, in hopes that you will understand. Please…I beg you all to understand the difficulties I face. The transition from mere boy to thriving man is no easy one. I beg you all to assist me…however you can. But more importantly…

Will You accept my apology?

Sincerely, The One seeking your Forgiveness.

The End

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