Let's Talk About AcceptanceMature

Just - this evolved from trying to show what the school system needs to teach, into talking about acceptance for everyone.

I don't know about you, but from what I've seen, "Health" at schools needs a whole re-vamp. 

The way we're taught makes -

Asexuals think they're broken

Pansexuals think they're not a thing

Bisexuals think they're wrong.

And every other sexuality is not even acknowledged (not that the previously listed ones are, but still).

We also need to start addressing the important distinction of sexuality and romantic. For example, I'm bi-romantic and asexual. Sure, for some people it might match up (for most people, probably) but it left me feeling like a freak for a long time. 

Another thing is mental health.

Let's talk about depression, OCD, BPD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, eating disorders, schizophrenia etc. "1 in 5 young people suffer from a mental illness", according to TeenMentalHealth.org - so chances are, in a class of twenty, at least four of them have some type of mental illness. Or not. The point is, the people might develop something, might have something, or might have a friend who struggles with something. Awareness is key. Tell them how to get help, or tell them how to help themselves if they can't tell anyone else (cue the tongue-stuck person writing this). 

Between 50% and about 70% mental illnesses show up before the age of 18, according to www.cmha.bc.ca - that's a lot. A lot. Think about it. 

Come on. I've got to deal with depression, BPD, and bipolar (those of you who've seen me on this site 3-12 months before will know that they've just added up). It's hard. 

I'm a coward, not going to lie. I'm scared to tell my family and friends that I've got what I've got. It's terrifying, frankly. Maybe if mental illnesses weren't so surrounded by negative stigma, future generations won't have to go through this.

Gender identification is another thing. For so long, humanity's been convinced that you're either male or female. The reality? There's an entire spectrum in-between. Face it. Those who don't acknowledge people who aren't male/female are enchanted by an illusion. That's all it is. 

I'm genderfluid, and I'm not scared of that. What I am scared of, however, is people's judgement. I don't want my (if I ever have any - maybe I won't) children, or my sister's children, or any child or anyone's child to ever feel like that. Only you get to choose what you are. It's no one's choice but your own. 

Also, while we're near the topic, let's chat about the word 'feminism' - one that's become a dirty word to use. "Feminism" is trying to get equal rights for females. I have no respect for people who use that as an excuse to try to get better things for women than men. But I also have no respect for people who say that feminists are man-haters. If you're doing it right, then you shouldn't be hating anybody. Just trying to advocate for equal rights. 

And let's clear this up: feminism encompasses everyone who identifies as female. Everyone. That means trans people, that means even if their religion isn't the same as yours, that means even if their skin isn't the same color as yours, that means even if they're overweight or disabled or sick or whatever the hell else. Your feminism needs to support everyone who choses to identify as female. (And, as a sidenote - anyone can be a feminist, no matter who they are). 

Okay, we've talked about women. Now it's time for the men. Let me try to clear this up - men can get raped, men can be victims of domestic abuse, men can be scared and they shouldn't have to bow to society's twisted views. (Sorry, sidenote - dear school system, let's teach people not to rape, instead of teaching people how to avoid being raped. It's not the victim's fault). Not all men are anti-female, not all Muslims/Egyptians are terrorists, not all African-American people are bad, not all females are anti-men, stereotypes are not an accurate representation of a group of people. So this is to the men out there: you deserve support as much as everybody else. And to everyone who isn't male/female: you do too. 

Acceptance needs to happen. We need to teach acceptance. We need to learn acceptance. 

The End

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