Let the blood bath begin

I know this title doesn't sound apprioprate for a love song, but just read it and you'll get it.



You have a smoky gray halo

I want to be a apart of it

More accurately I want to linger underneath it

Close to you

Close as clothing will let me get

But will you let me?



I know what it is

I know what it isn’t

If know I don’t want to live without it

If I’m begging to be cut in two

Then let the blood bath begin

Cause I can’t hold back

I want to know either way

What is love like with you?


You don’t ask me what is worth dying for

Maybe you know it would hit too close to home

You are afraid, I can tell

Are you afraid to fall or afraid its’ already happened?




If surrender is weak

Let me be weak

Sensible is overrated

Sensible won’t fill the silence

Won’t fill your life with color



You are cutting me deep

Everytime you turn away and then turn back

Then turn away again

You know I’m waiting

Why must you leave me waiting?




Don’t change your mind again

Make it a matter of following through

Finding love and keeping it

Cause all I see is you

I need to follow through

Turn these arms into wings and leap

Fully, completely



The End

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