Let me tell you straightMature

I introduced you to one side of myself

You shook hands and later held them

but time is moving faster

And were hitting the crescondo

When you hit the bottom note will you look towards me or way from me?

Baby I've lied to you

I'm not this person...not through and through


Ch :

Let me tell you straight

I'm fucked up

Let me lay it on the line

I love you

Let my love be pure and redeem my biggest faults

Let it illuminate it all

Banish darkness into light!


I wish I was good and pure

And untouched

but I'm branded and soiled

I don't belong to me

let alone you

but I'd sure like to be your woman

Your girl

And to smile as I say it

Tell me I'm yours!



Slow down for me

The film is running wild

But I'm standing still

Buried in my hair

Slow it down

Let my hands unfold

And if it's not to much trouble, would you please hold my hand again?



The End

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