Chapter I - Simple "Hi!"Mature

Imagine my surprise when I went home the next day, it was a lovely evening and I saw her name on my Facebook. I got a message from her. Was I excited? I will be honest here, I actually already forgotten who she was. She needed to remind me who she was by saying “Alex’s girlfriend.” We started having a chat…

Did you ever got a feeling that you found someone who totally understands you and shares the same sense of humour? That is what I got, it did hit me like a bullet being shot without me looking. I was sad for many months, bullied in school, working extra which was making me so tired and for the first time in some time I found myself smiling again. With real smile. No more pretending. Jokes started to be more inside jokes and talks more deep. She started to trust me and vice versa, I trusted her with trust that was later on broken so many times. Too many bloody times.

S was asking me to help her with troubles with her current boyfriend – Alex whom was my friend as well. So, of course I wanted to do something to make him and her better. Then it came time when those two did split up. Was I happy? No! What monster you want me to be, dear reader? She was more than sad, I want to hope she actually felt something towards my friend for real.

I can’t actually remember who said those 3 magical words first. I reckon it was her, when it comes to relationships I am really shy. I wouldn’t build a courage to tell her that. Little bit pathetic, I know. And it is just about to get more pathetic. We went out together first time. Waait… I went too fast with the story here. Let’s go just a little bit back.

I must mention that I used to run the library in my high school. Less money meant more cuts and therefore librarian that I adored was fired, she needed to become teaching assistant instead. All other brilliant (don’t you love sarcasm?) librarians stopped helping so I was like a lonely soldier against all school that basically, didn’t care about the library one bit. How does this has to do anything with her? She used to come around when I was working and spend some time with me just chatting. Having a laugh and just being my friend. And trust me, at the time I really needed that.  

It was so weird, so new to have someone who you could say to “I love you”. Little thing, but it was keeping me smiling. Now I laugh, but that is when I started writing lyrics again and I started to dedicate them to her. I used to write her story of angel and boy being together – she was the angel and I was the boy. Who would guess she would become dark angel?

Looking back, I was a fool. Re reading all the conversations I had with her did hurt, even after all this time. Over a year and it is like a thorn in my heart. I gave her everything I could, my soul, my mind and most importantly – my heart. However, we didn’t even met while being in the relationship for a week and then she broke up with me for the first time. It wasn’t as bad because the relationship didn’t lasted long. But, this story was just about to begin. 

The End

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