I closed a chapter in my life. And, I wanted to write a story, telling about that "demonic" love that happened to me, to just get it off me. And I thought that I would share it with you guys. This is a true story, what actually happened with actual quotes and my thoughts at the time. Welcome to this mad ride through over a year of my life!
The story of me and the girl I wrote most of my lyrics about. Here we go!

Let me tell you a story, maybe not an interesting one because probably what happened to me, happened to many other people, but I need to write it down. I treat this as a kind of a closure of a chapter in my life. Yes, it is a love story. Before you go to toilet and puke because we have waay too much romance in the media nowadays, just let me point out one thing to you. This is not a story with a happy ending. Interested? Then carry on reading and I will let you into my world, but beware, there are some strong subjects coming your way. All of the things included here actually did happen, the quotes are real and, most importantly, and the emotions involved are real too. Welcome to my demonic love, make yourself comfortable.

All started not so romantically. You know the stories that tell you when they met one day and then the guy does something romantic to get a girl? Well, that was not a case here. It started during the most unromantic moments – an open evening in high school. When I was tired, probably sweaty and totally unappealing to any female. Well, apparently to my best friend nothing changed. Cheers mate.

So, back to the story. I just wanted to go home, unaware of the events to unfold. After being at school from 9 a.m and it was nearly getting sixish, my will to do anything was gone in a smoke. I was helping in library, getting it all set up for that memorable open evening, without an idea that all my life will go upside down, that my love life was just about to begin.

You know how couples tell you that they, soon as they looked at their other half, knew that they would be together? Well, scrap that. Throw it away in fairytale land. We want to believe, or rather we choose to believe that love is something magical. After many times of my heart being broken, I realised it is just both people working hard and willing to make it work. There is no higher power to control it, but it is nice to think that if we fail in the relationship it wasn’t our fault, but someone up there fault. Is like… a defensive mechanism. And even though, I am writing this now, I still believe in being romantic, I believe in that magic. Call me hypocrite if you so wish. I am shielding myself here with a paper, so you cannot do anything.

How easily do I get side tracked? Lets go into my past then. I bet you are waiting for a description of my heart slowly stopping beating, looking into each other’s eyes and all that mushy stuff. Wrong. She came with my friend. She was with him. His. You think I was looking at her and my saliva was going on the floor because I couldn’t believe my luck? Wrong again my friend. 

If I recall right, I said “hi” to her and that was basically it. I made a couple of jokes to other people, not her and I will be honest. I didn’t even planned to talk to her ever again, she was just one of those people I met once and thought I will never hear from her ever again.

And boy, was I wrong.

The End

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