Let it be you, Joy, the one who wakes me up.

Maybe ones heart's only purpose is to pump blood.  And maybe  there's no such thing as love. And maybe my life is just a long, hasty, dark dream. And my heart although feels opened, blood isn't gashing out of it as a broken vase full of tears. Maybe you're just an example of euphoria, and your physical appearance is the only way my self conscious can reflect euphoria. But if this is only just a dream, then someone please explain to me when it will be over. Because I don't think I can handle seeing you, my euphoria, my joy, my dulcet almost lover, love someone else the way that I love you much longer. I don't think I could handle witnessing a thief steal my joy and my strengths and using it on someone else. If this is only a dream then I am tired of dreaming of you. If this is only reality then I am exhausted by loving you.

The End

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