lessons in life

things that you learn about how life works, wrapped into little storys. If you've got one too, throw it in. I'm happy to learn.

In our local library I found a book; it said it would show me how to change the people around me. I started it, hoping to find what I was desperately looking for. After a few quite meaningless pages there was a space to write down all the people you wanted to change. So I started writing down names, until there was no space left on the page in the book. I took another sheet and wrote down nearly every single name I knew. My parents. The other kids from school. The neighbours. 

When I finished, I looked at all these names, beginning to feel a little bit hopeless. It would be a hard piece of work to change so many people. I turned the page in the book, to find out how to go on. Surprisingly, the page was nearly empty. There was only one line, in the middle of the page:

"You can't change any of them. You have to change yourself."

I looked at this line, not understanding why it was there. I felt affronted, disappointed. I had thought this book could help me! Anger was rising in my chest, and I threw it into a corner of my room. I didn't look at it again until I brought it back to the library the next Thursday.

Yesterday a friend told me how much i had changed.

The End

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