Left Home


This is to the man that was never there. My invisible hero. The one I waited for. I figured if I can’t find you then I can write to you so here’s my letter.


Chorus Once

I tried to hold on and I’ve tried to stay strong

But I’m steady coming back to you, to you

And the feelings are gone

Don’t know where it went wrong

But I gotta come back to you, to you 


Verse One

Daddy we will never see eye to eye

You left me to die, survive and get by

But daddy, you really could have been my friend

And daddy you could have been there if you dared

But man, everything went so wrong

You couldn’t find love, you was never that strong 

The beast was released and you delved into a song

A dark beat took over and made you so wrong

I’m coming back, I’m out there searching for you

Asking “have you seen this man? He’s around the same height as you”

But the answer is the same every single place I try

It‘s “nope sorry love, never seen him in my life”

“but I’ll keep an ear out and also keep an eye”

But what use is that when they wont be here to find? 

They can’t tell me if they ever see your face

It’s all lies and this life is a never ending race


Chorus Once


Verse One

Looking up to a man that was never ever there

Is easy when you’re young, but harder when you stare

Stare the truth in the eye, it gets harder to bear

Wondering whatever possessed you to get scared

You left home so I wore my best clothes

Hoping it would lure you back, the effort was on going

I only ever wanted to be a daddy’s girl

Listening to the girls at school never helped

But I couldn’t tell them stop, they had a daddy there

I loved going to friends homes, sitting there and just stare

I looked up to their dads, thought of them as my own           

And that’s what led me to this journey that I’m on

But I soon got jealous and soon I wanted more

I wanted a father that could love me even more

Brag about it all day and tell them what I had

But that day will never come, cos I no longer want a dad


Chorus Once


Verse Three

You know my theory? it’s simple and effortless

My daddy is a superhero out fighting villains

That’s why he’s always busy, too busy to come visit me

But I don’t mind, so dad just keep on making history

You can come home, settle then just go

And I can understand crime is unpredictable

You need to be out there making the world a safer place

Acting like a fake with that mask across your face

But I understand, daddy I really do

Do what you need to do and I will still admire you

People say bad things but I just shake them off and out

I tell them “ you don’t know a thing, my daddy’s no let down”

But deep inside, in the back of my mind 

I believe what rolls out their mouth because I’m living in doubt

Never known a superhero to be so busy, wow

The whole world must be in the same crime right now


Chorus Once





The End

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