Aaron Steele

(A/N: This piece is based off my character in a collab called "The Blood Within". Here's the link if you're interested: http://www.protagonize.com/exercise/the-blood-within

They'd always warned me, told me to keep my guard up. But how could I? How could I possibly think of being cautious around you? Love isn't something you're careful with. It's an emotion you just fall into, pushing past the very boundaries that kept you away in the first place. That's exactly what I did.

Furthermore, they had also told me that love tends to make people blind to the sense of reality, it blurs what is wrong and what is right. I guess...all along, I should have just listened to them. But I hadn't.

You were perfection in it's own sense. Your flaws, your temper and every other minor detail just built the master piece of what you soon meant to me. I didn't have to search for the answers any more cause I found them in you. I had a reason to live this long, never ending and insatiable life. You were it.

Yet, with every step I took towards you, with every inch I fell deeper into this infinite void, I was approaching my own end. It was forbidden...we were to be kept a secret. My rules were all that mattered, and lust for a life driven by my own wants blinded me.

But if destiny isn't what brought us together, what did?

I will never know.

The End

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