Delilah Woods

I didn't think much of it.

Of you.

But you slowly built up in my mind, like some kind of wall. Brick by brick. Each brick was a little part of you, gradually you were absorbing every one of my thoughts. I can't think straight anymore. It is you, everything is you.

I don't even know how it happened, how you became this wall and blocked me out from everything, even the sunlight. Your scent, your eyes, your hair. The way you breathe. I feel like a magnet, the urge to just have you pressed against me kills me inside. 

It's different because with you it feels like everything else crumbles around us and it's as if nothing matters anymore. It's just you and me, alone, and I can smell you and hear your voice all around me and you're whispering to me but I can't understand what you're saying....

I always imagine us on a beach. Maybe that explains why when I dream of you I can never make out what you say to me. The waves wash the noise away and they wash you away, too. 

It's scary because I know it's inevitable. 

It's scary because even though I can see so clearly all the bad ways this could end, all the ways you could rip me to shreds and not care.

It's scary because it doesn't change a thing.

The End

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