Spencer Greene

Words are all I have. They're all i've ever had. And I used to think they were enough. Not enough to keep me happy, but at least enough to keep me in sight of what I wanted.. what I thought I loved.

Words were once good enough for you, too.

Once upon a time, the words we shared were magic.
They were like electric connections linking two strangers.. pulling us together. So close I could memorize your scent, analyze your heartbeat. It was like slowdancing to the most beautiful song. Our conversations carried the essence of holding on to someone who was embracing you back. Every response to a question. Every laugh to a joke. Like strings tangled to keep things right.. to keep us always near each other.

Snip, snip, snip..
I fell to the ground. I looked up and saw why. the strings were untangling. the strings were cut. Then you were walking away... you were holding a pair of shiny scissors in your hands. The electricity began to fade.

I tried to stand up but you left me disabled. Once every night or two, I saw glimpses of you.. or so I thought I did. Somehow, it was never really you. The face I saw was cold and unfeeling. It lacked the warm smile you never failed to give me.. until now.

So here I am, still stuck on the cold marble floor where we once waltzed the night away. I could stand up but I won't. I'm too afraid to see what you've become. Too much of a wimp to see how you've gone on without me.

Your memory still serves a purpose. It's my only comfort - like a pillow I can embrace. Still, the loneliness grows. What good is a pillow? I can embrace it as much as I want but will it ever hug me back?

Words are all I have. These worthless words spell out to say...

The End

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