Leaving You Helpless

The first chapter is something I wrote back when I liked someone very much. I was (upsettingly) in love. The emotions I had were so strong that it clouded my mind. So I came up with the idea of portraying all those emotions through different people's stories. People I make up, of course. But people, nonetheless.

When there's too much attraction between two people, there's this immediate feeling of losing yourself and wanting more. A spark. It pulls you in.

Suddenly, there's this gravitational pull between you and that person. It builds up, creating the most extraordinary connections between you. Like a bridge, a chain of reactions and shockingly similar thoughts.

It's exhilirating. a natural high. and you know you want more. It's dangerous. Most of all, it kills. Especially when it comes at a very wrong time with the most wrong person. You feel it. You want it. But then it's so wrong - it isn't always beautiful and lovely. What if you were already with someone? What if...

... you just know you can't give in?

At first, the attraction - that spark - will mesmerize you. You feel giddy with all the excitement. And then you realize how wrong it really is. You try to control it and it drives you insane. The worst part is you build up self-hate every time you feel that spark and it's as if...

... the more you try to drive it away, the more it attaches itself to you.

Really, how can you stop your heart from overly beating every time you see that stupid person's smile? How can you stop the spark, the growing attraction, and all? How can you stop the inexplicable grinning you have when you just think about that stupid person? How can you stop an accelerating fall?

How can you, a mere confused and frail being like me, defy gravity?

The End

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