The Funeral

You're insubstantial,

You know that you can

Go through things

And stuff, and it's a

Bit creepy, to be honest.

There's a coffin in front

Of you, and you lean forwards

To get a better look, but loose

Your balance and tumble down.

You scream, and your sister,

Clad in black attire,

Jerks around, and her

Face is red and tear-stained.

She hides it shamefully, sobbing

Harder into a black handkerchief

That she always keeps around,

Even though you used

To tell her that they were

Old-fashioned. You

Stare longingly at her

Pulsing heart, and sink

Further into the ground,

Away from the body -your body,

And into the soil, hoping

To fade away, but staying

In the world you lost,

Barely there as a ghost.

The End

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