Leading the Mullet Way

I am required to write a keynote speech for an organization I am a part of. The title comes from a really neat comparison I made up about leadership. The keynote is about leadership and should also be inspiring/have a call to action.

Ok so im not really sure where to begin which is why i thought collaborative writing might help. I have several ideas im just not sure how to put them together. So I am just going to jott down some of my main ideas and maybe someone will want to help me formalize them.

  • Mullet Leadership- As leaders it is extremely important to keep our obligations and fufill our responsibilities. However, it is equally important to have fun and be passion about what you are doing. One way this can be illustrated is by a mullet: Business in the front, and party in the back. It is an especially  a good illustration because our responsibilities must come first, but fun should come into play.
  • Dont be Wet Duct-Tape- Everyone has potential and therefore everyone has value, but just like when we leave duct-tape out in the rain, many people limit their value by the choices they make. Common choices that limit our value include drugs and alcohol, but those arent the only ones. Grudges, jealousy, and resentment are all very common traits that can ruin your ability to be of value to society because they build up over time. Just like wet duct-tape has very limited value, so do you when you let any outside influence affect your decisions.
The End

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